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VESA Adapter compatible with ASUS Designo Monitor (MX27AQ, MX279HS, MX27UCS) - 75x75mm

3idee 75x75 mm VESA adapter for ASUS Designo monitors
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Dive into the variety of VESA mounts and wall mounts for your Asus monitor. Our individual solution opens the door to the VESA capability of your monitor - discover flexibility and customizability in one.


This VESA adapter is specifically designed for the ASUS Designo series and is compatible with the following models: 

  • MX279HS
  • MX27AQ
  • MX27UCS


Our VESA adapters are not only practical, but also sustainable and robust. Made from recycled PLA plastic using the latest 3D printing technology, they meet the highest quality standards. Each adapter is individually tested to ensure maximum durability. Learn more about our product safety standards.

Color options

Our VESA adapter is available in different colors to integrate perfectly into your setup. Choose between classic black, elegant white and other available colors.

Easy installation

Installation is a breeze: unscrew the base, screw on the VESA adapter - and you're done! All necessary screws are included. A detailed instruction manual and PDF version are available.

Graduated prices

Benefit from our attractive discounts when ordering several adapters, both for private customers and for companies.

VESA standard

Our adapter complies with the MIS-D VESA standard 75x75mm, giving you maximum flexibility when positioning your ASUS Designo monitor.

The VESA adapter is compatible with the following products from Asus (




The VESA adapter allows you to conveniently mount your ASUS brand monitor to a monitor arm with a VESA hole pattern (75 x 75mm). Use the included screws and nuts.

If you want to mount your VESA adapter directly to the wall, use suitable screws and dowels (not included).

Here you can download the manual as a PDF

Download as PDF

Please read these instructions carefully  

Please read these instructions carefully and keep them for future reference. If you pass the product on to third parties, these instructions should always be included. Failure to follow these instructions may result in injury or damage to persons or the product, for which we cannot accept any liability.



• This product should always be used in accordance with the specified safety instructions.
• Do not install your VESA adapter in combination with the monitor in places where there are people below.
• Do not exceed the maximum weight of the compatible monitor models as this may result in serious injury or damage to property.
• Observe the maximum ambient temperature of 35°C when using the product.
• Do not mount the VESA adapter near a heat source or in direct sunlight, as this could heat up the adapter.
• Check whether your mounting point (e.g. monitor arm) can withstand the weight of the monitor with VESA adapter.
The product is designed exclusively for mounting with a hole pattern of 75x75 mm.
• After installing the VESA adapter, the position of the monitor must be readjusted to ensure correct ergonomics.

Ensure that the device is switched off and disconnected from the power supply before installation to avoid possible injury or damage.

1. Before First Use

Check the product carefully for possible transport damage and for the absence of accessories, such as screws, which should be included in the scope of delivery.

Make sure that packaging materials and small screws and parts contained therein are inaccessible to children to minimize the risk of choking and other risks.

2. Maintenance and Cleaning

2.1 Maintenance

- It is recommended to check every three months that all screws are still tight. Also, regularly check the condition of all components of the product.
- Store the product in a cool and safe place, ideally at a maximum storage temperature of 40°C. For additional safety, keep the product away from children and preferably in its original packaging.
- Avoid any vibrations and shocks so as not to affect the life and functionality of the product.

2.2 Cleaning

- No corrosive or hot cleaning agents should be used to clean the product. Likewise, wire brushes, metal or other sharp materials are unsuitable for cleaning and should not be used.
- For gentle and effective cleaning, the use of a soft, damp cloth is recommended.

3. Waste Disposal

For the disposal of this product we recommend to contact the responsible local authorities or disposal services. They can provide you with detailed information on available disposal options and recycling centers in your area.

4. Manufacturer Information

3idee Technologies S.à r.l.
5 Um Lenster Bierg
L-6125 Junglinster

5. Help and Feedback

If you need help with your article, we are here for you. We also appreciate any feedback.

M4x14 Screw with cross recess (SP7 or SP2)

4x M4x14 Screw with cross recess (SP7 or SP2)

M6x20 Screw with cross recess (SP7)

1x M6x20 Screw with cross recess (SP7)

Not all VESA adapters and monitors are suitable for vertical alignment. (upright)
This is due to the geometry of the adapter / monitor, which is sometimes not otherwise feasible.
We would like to point out that this information should not be disregarded under any circumstances, as the adapter will very quickly reach its durability limit if the mounting is not specified.

We always try to develop monitors for vertical (upright) mounting as well.

The standard orientation of a monitor is horizontal.

Horizontal Mounting: YES 

ass-mxaq VESA Adapter

Vertical Mounting: NO 

ass-mxaq VESA Adapter
Step 1

First, remove the base of your Asus monitor. To do this, loosen the screw under the monitor base. (Figure 1)

Please make sure you have a soft surface when you store the monitor for disassembly / assembly.

Figure 1 Figure 1

Step 2

Now slide the 3idee VESA adapter onto the foot from behind, as shown. (Figure 2)

It is important that the hole in the VESA adapter is aligned with the hole in the monitor base. (follows in step 3)

Figure 2 Figure 2

Step 3

Now screw the M6x20 screw (SP7) into the back of the monitor base from below. (Figure 3)

Figure 3 Figure 3

Step 4

We recommend that you have a second person for this step.

Now lift the monitor and hold it against your monitor mount. Fasten the VESA adapter with the 4 M4x14 screws supplied (screw bag: SP7 or SP2).

It is best to fasten 2 screws diagonally first so that the monitor can no longer fall down and you can fasten the remaining screws easily.

ATTENTION: Make sure you use the right screws!

(Figure 4)

Figure 4 Figure 4

Step 5

Finally, please check again whether all screws have been tightened correctly.

However, please keep in mind that this is a plastic part.

ass-mxaq VESA Adapter